Versatile trailers by Fabform

Our trailers are American made, family owned and operated. We’ve been manufacturing trailers for over three decades with our dealers and, ultimately, the consumer in mind. We provide excellent value, innovation and quality in our products.

Miles of open road await, what will you take on your journey?

Unique vision in a crowded field

From the very beginning, Fabform has had a single goal: make the best trailer for a competitive price. We’ve stayed true to that goal. You’ll find that each model is a blend of toughness, ease of use, and durability that makes purchasing it a solid investment.

In addition to making a great product, we care deeply about the relationship we have with our dealers. We want you to succeed. We always go the extra mile to make sure that you are completely satisfied with everything we do.

A trailer for even the toughest jobs

At Fabform, cutting corners is not an option. From our steel to our welds, we feel that quality is king. At every step of the manufacturing process we ensure that the consumer gets the best value and a trailer that will perform for a long time.

Each of our trailers undergoes a comprehensive quality control process that ensures you're getting what you pay for. We know you’re buying a trailer to last the duration, that’s why we devote special time and attention to small details like corrosion-proofing all of our welds and placing slip resistant surfaces where you need them most.

Focused on longevity


We don’t believe in cutting corners with low cost but inferior materials. Those that do, offer a lower year over year value for their owners. We take your investment seriously, that’s why we use only the best materials, guaranteed to keep rolling long after the competition has been replaced.

Production standards

Our manufacturing process accomplishes two things. First, it produces an excellent product. Secondly, it reduces waste. We’ve adopted lean standards first developed by Kiichiro Toyoda. This process (TPS) is the proven standard for the world’s best manufacturers.


Our entire production strategy is focused on constantly improving our best product. We know our trailers need to go to work every day. We test and retest our products to make sure they always meet the challenges that may be faced. This devotion to excellence is the reason why Fabform is the professional’s choice.